Ready to get in friggin' shape?

(And keep it that way forever)

Let's cut the Bullshit. You want results. Period.  

And you want the work to not feel like a chore every day, right? You want the workouts and nutrition to fit around your busy lifestyle.

Then it's time we take a different approach to your training.

No fluff. No puff. No BS. 

Look, I get it. Getting in shape can be frustrating AF.

There are literally 5000 diets out there all promising results.

Search 'workout program' on google and you'll get a million search results, all promising, of course, a ripped, toned and tight body.

So with all the easily accessible information out there, shouldn't getting in shape, losing weight and feeling better be easy?

It all comes down to mindset.

How bad do you really want this?

What are you willing to sacrifice to get it?

I started training clients years ago in the gym and quickly got addicted with trying to figure out why some would be motivated and see results, and some would quit the second they faced some adversity.

I needed my clients seeing real results.

No fluff. No puff. No BS.

Now you may not know me (yet) but I get completely obsessed with figuring out a solution to a problem when it presents itself.

And getting clients ACTUAL results that LASTED was one of them.

If you want a different approach to fitness and are ready to actually see results... keep reading.  

Yes, I spend a lot of time creating workout programs for clients.

And yup, If we want to lose weight, nutrition is extremely important and I definitly spend a lot of time covering that with clients. But it's still only part of it. 

You see, my number one priority is helping my clients adapt a winner's mindset. 

From there we chisel away at our daily habits. We start small and aim for 100% adherence, stepping it up each and every week until it's simply a part of our lives.

FITNESS will simply become who we are.

Motivation. Energy. Drive.

Are you ready to finally see results

and create habits that last a lifetime?

Have a quick peek at the video above to learn more about my process and how I help my clients get the results they've always friggin' wanted.

Also, get my STAY STRONG bands mailed to you when you sign up! Let them serve as a quick reminder that HEY, You got this!

Let's get you in the best friggin' shape of your life without making it an uphill battle.

I'm here to help.

Question is, are you ready to show up?

So how does this work?

STEP ONE: Watch this video that goes over the amazing training and nutrition tools that we'll be using. 

STEP TWO: Book your 20 minute fitness consultation call and answer a short and sweet questionnaire.  

STEP THREE: We'll get on the call and discuss your specific problems, see how I can help you solve them and make sure it's a perfect fit for both of us!

How about a coach who's there whenever you need him?

Change your mindset,

get weekly coaching and finally see results!  

And stop wasting your time doing things that SIMPLY DON'T WORK.


I'm cheering for ya! 

Book a 100% Free consultation call and let's chat about your unique problems, where you want to take your health and fitness and how I can HELP YOU HERE THERE!!



Are you able to help me?

If you have an internet connection and a little motivation for making this happen, then yes, I can help you. I like to talk to everybody first before we start to make sure it's a perfect fit so book your call!

What makes you qualified?

Years of putting in my time with hundreds of clients teaches you things! I'm also a certified PT by the American Council of Exercise with my Nurition Specialist Cert. I let what past clients say speak for itself.

How long until I see results?

Look, I'm not here to bullshit you. The more work you put in, the more you're going to get out of this. If you give me you 100% then I'll meet you with my 100% and we'll make some shit happen!

How the hell do you do this all online?

Did ya watch the video? If you didn't you can watch it again HERE! I use powerful online tools, daily accountabilty and weekly skype/ phone check-ins to keep you on track and moving forward!

It's YOUR time. 

If you're ready to put an end to all the frustration and get step by step personalized coaching to not only get you results but help you KEEP THEM, then...